The St. Francis House Future In Projects and Development

St. Francis House has long recognized the need to increase our housing capacity in order to better serve our clients, recognizing that such development projects require signficant funding. Att this point in time, our efforts are focused on the renovation of our existing facilities in order to better serve the homeless and needy.

  • We continue to house to operate the men’s dormitory (16 beds) and women’s dormitory (8 beds) at 70 Washington Street as well as (8) separate beds that enable us to provide a place for individuals found sleeping on the Sea Wall and in the common areas around the plaza; this important partnership between St. Francis House and the City of St. Augustine enables the City to enforce its "No Camping" ordinance.
  • The two-story building located at 64 Washington Street has been purchased and houses residents in Transitional Housing and Respite Housing. It accommodates 16 men and women in separate housing areas. Respite Housing is used for those who are the most vulnerable in the streets, such as the elderly and sick, while Transitional Housing is for those residents who have made significant strides toward housing and self-sufficiency.
  • The small apartment building at 76 Washington Street has undergone renovations and serves as emergency shelter for four families with children. A new "comfort station" on the side of 76 Washington Street provides updated shower and toilet facilities for the public.

The St. Francis House will continue to shelter, feed, and clothe the homeless who find their way to us and direct them to resources that help improve their lives and reconnect them to family whenever possible.

“Help Us Build a Lifeline of Hope”

Over the past 30 years, St. Francis House has saved lives and changed lives through the services we provide. Please join us in helping the less fortunate move forward with dignity into a renewed life of hope and a second chance at reconnecting with family and society.Donate to the St. Francis House